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Run your clinic, office or hospital more efficiently with Lean Healthcare

The same Lean principles that have saved businesses enormous amounts of time, energy and money can revolutionize your healthcare operation. Nationwide, healthcare systems are reducing medical costs, finding savings and creating efficiencies with Lean principles. Lean is not merely a new set of tools or techniques to try on the hospital floor, in the examination room or in your records keeping; Lean is a fundamental change in how people in the healthcare organization think.

Lean principles help healthcare organizations create value-added systems, with the end goal of increasing customer service and satisfaction. If you’re interested in improving your processes, help your staff be more satisfied with their work and improve your patient’s experience, we can help you begin your lean journey. Our experts in lean healthcare can provide the lean solutions to support your healthcare organization on many levels:

  • On-site educational programs and workshops to familiarize healthcare professionals with lean methodologies and tools
  • Strategic planning and assessments conducted on-site by our experts to help you determine your best path to continuous improvement and lean transformation
  • Customizable transformation programs to help healthcare organizations with the journey into lean
  • Facilitation of kaizen events and value stream maps
  • Lean coaching and mentoring

Our lean transformation model will make your patients healthier, your employees happier and your organization more effective. We work with hospitals, public health, physician practices, home health, community care and community health.

In addition to our on-site solutions, we also provide public workshops through our partnership with the North Carolina Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety.

We also offer Lean Healthcare Certification to help support medical professionals who desire to help create and lead a culture of continuous improvement throughout their organization.

Also, be sure to listen to this podcast and understand how IES helped the NC State Vet School improve efficiency through Lean Veterinary Medicine via Mark Graban.

Interactive Overview

Why consider an IES Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Solution? Review our interactive overview to find out more about the Lean Model and how it can help you make continuous improvement an active part of your organization.

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Solution Brief

Healthcare is in the midst of rapid change and providers are being required to manage their processes more efficiently. Read our Solution Brief to discover how to streamline processes, build capabilities to sustain new ways of working and make continuous improvement part of everyone’s day-to-day activities.

IES Lean & Six Sigma Experts

Chris Hartley BA, CLSSGB

Chris Hartley BA, CLSSGB

IES Improvement Specialist

Chris serves as a Lean Improvement Specialist working with hospitals, physician’s offices, public health departments, government agencies and many other types of organizations to teach and guide them through their lean journey. Chris has over 15 years of process improvement and project management experience in government, hospital, and laboratory service industries.

Read more about Chris here.

Bill Iacovelli

Bill Iacovelli

Lean Improvement Specialist

Bill assists organizations in developing systematic, long-term Lean implementation and leadership programs. He also trains and develops Lean Six Sigma Green Belts. In ten years, relative to his project work with them, Bill’s clients (by way of third-party survey) have reported to NIST over $70M in economic impact and over 450 jobs retained or created.

Read more about Bill here.

Allison Godwin BS, CLSSGB

Allison Godwin BS, CLSSGB

IES Improvement Specialist

Allison Godwin serves as a lean facilitator, coach and mentor for a variety of healthcare and government organizations. As an integral part of the NC State Industry Expansion Solutions’ healthcare team, she initiates and advances lean initiatives through her work with Population Health Improvement Partners and the Department of Public Health QI (quality improvement) teams in Raleigh.

Read more about Allison here.