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Marketing Launchpad

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Marketing Launchpad is a customizable, retainer-based program designed to address specific needs in three key areas: Marketing for Sales, Marketing for New Employees and Marketing for the Community. The program is structured to provide a tailored marketing strategy involving elements from one, two or all three integrated programs based on the client’s unique requirements. We collect data and provide analysis and insights to adapt the marketing mix to achieve your specific goals throughout the contract period.

Three integrated programs to address specific needs:


Marketing for Sales

Increase sales, generate leads, and improve market demand through strategic communication, enhanced web presence, hyper targeted digital advertising, and automated marketing systems. Reach the target audience you desire.

Marketing for New Employees

Attract the most qualified potential job candidates by improving your company’s reputation and visibility online.

Marketing for the Community

Elevate the image and reputation of your community that instills pride with stakeholders, local businesses, community leaders, government entities and prospective new business developers.


How the Marketing Launchpad Program Works

We first deeply understand your company and how we want the target market to feel, then we implement strategies based on where your target markets give their attention. The program always begins with a strategy planning session, and services normally include all of the below:

  1. Website Refresh—Restructuring of site and updated content to improve user experience and conversion rate
  2. Competitive Analysis—Research to understand competitive advantages and gaps in the market
  3. Search Advertising—Google Ads to show up when the target market is actively looking for what you provide
  4. Geotargeted Advertising—Social media, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO to improve organic results
  5. Search Engine Optimization—Creative content and graphic design, monitoring and optimization of paid Google, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising for maximum reach
  6. Email Marketing—Set up and customization of email distribution software, graphic design, and list development
  7. Automated Nurturing System Development—Remarketing Ads and CRM emails to continue building a feeling in the target market
  8. Photography and Videography—Logistics for an on-site shoot and editing of benefits oriented videos, to build a library of marketing resources


Workforce and community reputation management may also include:

  1. Online Reputation Boosting—Identify critical factors that make your organization attractive to positively position your organization and digital marketing management services to boost credibility and visibility.
  2. Employee Recruitment—Strategies to leverage current employee referrals, application process optimization, feedback mechanisms to improve candidate experience, initiatives to attract a diverse workforce and assistance to develop a database for potential talent workforce.
  3. Employee Retention—Engagement strategies for long-term retention, measure and improve employee satisfaction to achieve sustainable and loyal employees, benefits review for unique proposition positioning and brand marketing messaging management.

Your organization will retain ownership and access to all online accounts and marketing materials developed during this program. At the end of the contract period, you may continue to utilize ongoing services under a new contract agreement.


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