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IES can provide real solutions for businesses to make a safer workplace by conducting safety audits that can help identify, and eliminate or minimize hazards. Employers in North Carolina manufacture a wide variety of products, and thus can face a wide range of potential hazards in the workplace that could result in unwanted employee illness and/or injury. The cost of work-related injuries and illnesses can have significant impacts on any business, especially for small employers. OSHA requires employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their employees and ensure that a workplace does not have serious recognized hazards.

IES has skilled professionals who conduct comprehensive or area-focused safety audits to identify safety and health hazards so that employers can reduce or eliminate them, thus making for a safe and healthful workplace.  Our health and safety experts provide consultative support to explain OSHA regulations as well as other state and federal regulations, ensure compliance with these regulations, and produce confidential reports of observations and subsequent recommendations to ensure compliance and cultivate an effective safety and health program.

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