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What is compliance? Simply stated, compliance is the process of adhering to a set of guidelines or rules established by government agencies, standards groups or internal corporate policies. IES offers a wide selection of training courses and educational programs to help organizations address their compliance requirements.

Environmental Compliance Assessment

Most manufacturers and other organizations are subject to a variety of environmental regulations. Typically Federal, State or Local agencies enforce such regulations including the Environmental Protection Agency NC Department of Environmental Quality and Municipalities. Both ISO 14001 certified companies and non-certified companies may want to determine the compliance status of those requirements.

As a non-regulatory body, IES will conduct a 1-2 day environmental compliance assessment covering regulations such as:

  • Air Permits and related
  • Ozone Destroying Substances (refrigerants)
  • Sewer Discharges
  • Wastewater to Surface Water discharges
  • Stormwater Permits
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (Tier II, TRI)
  • RCRA (Haz Waste)
  • DOT HazMat
  • Drinking Water Rules
  • Spill Prevention & notifications
  • Other Environmental Requirements

IES will report all findings confidentially to the manufacturer in a written report.

IES also conducts Health & Safety related compliance training through the Southeastern OSHA Training Institute Education Center. Learn more here.