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Rural Works! Internship Program

Unlocking Opportunities: NC State University's Rural Works!


Hire a NC State University Engineering Intern for $15 per hour This Summer.

NC State University’s Rural Works! Internship Program connects students to employers in rural communities through paid summer internships.

The Rural Works! Internship Program

The Rural Works! Internship Program is affordable for the company and provides competitive pay for the engineering student. An engineering participation stipend is provided to students for employers in rural communities hosting interns in the field of engineering.

The company must agree to pay the intern $15 per hour and NC State University will pay the engineering student an additional $10 per hour, allowing the rural internship employer to attract the top candidates and be competitive with internship programs in larger, more urban areas in the state.

Easy to Participate

Participating in this initiative is a hassle-free process. Get started by submitting an Employer Interest Form before March 31, 2024.

The NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions Regional Manager in your community can assist you, from creating internship descriptions, to developing interview questions and onboarding the intern. They can even help reserve space at one of the NC State-owned facility offices that are located across the state for interviews and meetings, if needed

Timeline | Deadlines

October – March 31, 2024: Submit Employer Interest Form
October-March: Work with your Industry Expansion Solutions Regional Manager to write job descriptions and develop interview questions
April 15, 2024: All hiring must be completed and reported.
May – August: Your Industry Expansion Solutions Regional Manager will follow up with you through the duration of the internship and at the end of the program to receive feedback.


Benefits to Employers


Benefits to Students

  • Paid summer internship at competitive pay rate
  • An orientation training session is provided for participants to ensure a successful and meaningful internship experience
  • Career coaching after completion of the internship
  • Experience living and working in rural communities
  • Apply knowledge from the classroom to the workplace
  • Gain professional work experience
  • Explore potential career paths
  • Develop career readiness skills
  • Participate in community engagement activities


Empowering Rural Communities

The impact of Rural Works! Internship Program extends far beyond the classroom and internship placements. By the Summer of 2023, NC State University placed 420 Rural Works! interns with organizations in 48 North Carolina counties in a span of five years. By channeling the energy and enthusiasm of talented students into rural areas, the program becomes a catalyst for positive change. Interns engage with local residents, contribute to product innovation, provide fresh ideas, help solve organizational challenges and complete technical projects for the employers.

Employer Requirements

  • Your company must be located in or work with a Tier 1 or 2, rural community in North Carolina
  • Agree to compensate the engineering intern minimum of $15 per hour for 40 hours a week for 10-12 weeks
  • Provide interns with interim and post-internship feedback
  • Provide each intern 8 hours of compensated time to participate in community service

The Rural Works! Internship Program supports NC State University’s commitment to social, economic, and technological development across North Carolina. Rural Works! was created by a partnership between the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, the Office of Outreach and Engagement, and NC State Extension.

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Hear About Rural Works! From the Students

Visit Rural Works! Summer 2021 Internships – YouTube to review their impactful project work and hear about what their internship experience through Rural Works! meant to them.

“If not for the Rural Works! program, it would have been very difficult to find myself working outside of Raleigh and still managing to pay for schooling expenses. I have been blessed by the program.”
—Kaleb Jessup, fourth year engineering student and Rural Works! intern