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Instructional design services to address your learning goals.

We provide instructional design services to businesses and organizations that may be interested in:

  • Introducing a new process
  • Educating their workforce
  • Transforming their culture
  • Enhancing performance
  • Communicating change

Our instructional design team develops online, face-to-face, and hybrid course content that integrates the latest trends in instructional design and technology, multimedia, and content presentation to facilitate learning and knowledge retention. We work across industries to identify each client’s training objectives to craft course materials tailored specifically for you. Our processes are based on student learning style and course subject matter to incorporate best practices in adult learning theory.

Explore the instructional design services available:

Training Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Programs and Courses
Our team can help identify potential gaps and training necessities not readily apparent or address specific training needs. We will conduct a thorough analysis of materials and delivery methods for online and face-to-face courses. We provide clients with a comprehensive evaluation report outlining the strengths and weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.
Conduct Train-the-Trainer Programs
We can enhance trainers to more effectively serve their learners, utilize participant questions and lead activities that reinforce learning.
Develop Active Learning
The IES Instructional Design Team can assist instructors in creating an environment of active learning
Revise and Enhance Existing Materials
We can review objectives and ensure that your content and assessments are aligned. The Design Team will apply sound design practices to all Power Points, workbooks, activities and supplemental materials.
Face-to-Face and Online Content

Transition Content to an Online Format

We can help transform your instruction, materials, and activities from a face-to-face environment and make them applicable to an online environment.

Blended Courses (Face-to-Face and Online)

We can also collaborate with subject matter experts to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate new programs for hybrid deployment, featuring online and face-to-face teaching.

Create Job Aids
Our Design Team can create employee support information and processes that are external to the individual and enhance work or activity. We can produce job aids to help direct and guide performance, especially tasks that are not regularly performed.
Create Trainer and Participant Workbooks
We create learning aids for instructors and participants that are aligned with course objectives and support learning through the activation of current and prior knowledge.
Enhance your design and delivery of courses, trainings and workshops. Deliverables can include:
  • Interactive/adaptive lessons
  • Video tutorials
  • Instructional websites
  • Webinars
  • Recorded lectures
  • Software simulations
  • Workbooks/handbooks

Solution Overview

Learn more about IES Instructional Design Services, view the PDF Solution Brief.

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Our Instructional Design Team

Brian Vigna

Brian Vigna

Instructional Designer

Brian serves as an Instructional Designer on the Professional Learning and Instructional Design team. Brian has worked as an Adult Educator, Trainer, and Instructional Designer for more than 7 years.

Read more about Brian here.