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When companies are under pressure to cut costs but still complete projects on-time, the key to success is often well-planned project management. Great project managers may need to be familiar with many topics and areas of a business, but many companies don’t have the budget or resources for dedicated project managers so employees must often adopt project management roles outside of their normal responsibilities. In today’s competitive world, organizations in both public and private sectors are having to take on an increasing number of projects without the luxury of increased headcount. More and more, personnel from every industry, without fundamental project management skills, are being thrust into the role of project manager.

Project management can be a complex undertaking, but it requires an understanding of when to rely on the judgment of others with different knowledge, skills, and expertise. If you are one of these “accidental” project managers, IES can give you a leg up with fundamental project management tools that will allow you to hit the ground running.

Our introductory 2-day Practical Project Management course is designed to give you the skills to effectively and efficiently manage and complete projects, successfully, on-time, and under budget.

To speak with someone from IES to discuss your unique or on-site project management needs, or to receive more information about any of our offerings, please complete our contact form.


Additional Resources

The Lewis Institute Project Management workshops is a series designed to help you prepare for PMP certification.

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