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Third Party Evaluation can help you tell your story, improve your programs, and sustain funding.

The demand for grant-funded program accountability is steadily rising as grant stakeholders and/or funding sources strive to understand how program operations compare to the plans laid out in original grant proposals. Including a unique and thorough third-party evaluation plan in your proposal can give you a decisive edge when competing for Higher Education Act (HEA) grants (Title III, Title V, etc.).

Whether you are currently writing a grant proposal or have recently been awarded a grant, your program will benefit from third-party evaluation services used to evaluate and monitor your program, as well as define any process improvements. In fact, the next re-authorization of HEA is expected to include issues pertaining to quality of consumer information, oversight, and innovation (ACE, 2015). A third party evaluation can provide added value to your institution regarding these issues, particularly when it comes to helping you tell your story, improving your programs, and demonstrating program effectiveness to sustain funding.

Leverage our expertise

  • Extensive knowledge of the Higher Education Act (HEA) as well as measures valued by North Carolina community colleges, such as first year progression, curriculum completion, performance of college-transfer students, progress of Basic Skills students, success rate of developmental students, and passing rates for GED/diploma and licensure and certification. (NCCCS, 2014).
  • Experience developing program evaluations for U.S. Department of Labor and U.S. Department of Education grants (Title III, Title V, TRiO).
  • Unparalleled experience with data collection and analysis
  • Demonstrated expertise in delivering services for large scale projects


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