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Do you find yourself caught up in cost-cutting measures that never lead to real business growth? Are you trying to do more with less? Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to increase the speed of innovation while decreasing risk?

Many companies recognize innovation is no longer an optional strategy, but the real key to a reliable innovation strategy is shifting the process of innovation from a random act into a repeatable process. Innovation management is a structured approach to change management and innovation processes that any organization can adopt, whether your business is trying to:

  • respond quickly to changes,
  • increase the success and efficiency of innovation projects
  • discover new and more profitable revenue streams,
  • create ‘disruptive improvements’
  • or reach new customers in new market segments

Organizations looking to grow their business with new products, new services or new business models can use our Innovation Academy to realize documented strategies for innovation, innovation management tools and ultimately, greater customer satisfaction.

Our approach to innovation management includes creating teams and roles to tap your workforce’s creative capabilities and spark innovation, as well as providing tools and training which can assist organizations in recognizing and responding to opportunities for new ideas, processes or products. These methods allow your teams to work smarter, faster and more creatively every day.


How We Can Help

NC State IES provides innovation training and coaching to all types of organizations and can assist businesses with a develop a customized innovation process, models and innovation management tools to take back to your team with:

  • Innovation Academy – Innovation Academy is designed to accelerate a continuous flow of innovation—big or small—to address your department’s, division’s or company’s important problems and/or opportunities, no matter what industry or organization.
  • Innovation Management Workshop – This open enrollment workshop was designed to focus especially on the needs of CEOs, owners, senior leaders, plant managers, and business development managers within a manufacturing organization.

Other organizations may tell you why innovation is important, but NC State IES’s Innovation Academy provides a practical, repeatable system for innovation to make your organization more profitable. If you are interested in bringing Innovation Academy or any of our other offerings, on-site please contact us today for more information.

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