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NC State’s Dr. Deborah Manzo, a Management Systems and Quality Improvement Specialist and leader of the North Carolina Performance Excellence Coaching Program at Industry Expansion Solutions, recently contributed the publication of a new NIST Baldrige program case study. From the NIST news release:

“Baldrige case studies have at least three purposes. First, given that actual Baldrige Award applications remain confidential until award-winning organizations approve selected content for public sharing, the case studies are used to train examiners for the Baldrige Program’s annual award process. Second, the case studies serve as sample applications for organizations interested in applying for a Baldrige Award or in writing a whole or partial application as a self-assessment. In addition, the case studies show organizations in every sector how they might use the Criteria questions to assess and improve their performance, even if they are not interested in applying for a Baldrige Award.”

“The 2018 Baldrige Case Study: Green Gateway is a representative sample of a Baldrige Award application and shows how a manufacturer can answer the performance-assessment questions in the Baldrige Excellence Framework: A Systems Approach to Improving Your Organization’s Performance. The Green Gateway case study was written intentionally not to create a role-model organization so that there would be plenty of opportunities for Baldrige examiners to identify where it had opportunities for improvement (as well as strengths).”

Read the full NIST-published news release about the case study here. To learn more about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and to view the full release from NIST, visit