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The Gratitude Leader Lab

A little gratefulness goes a long way. Letting your employees know they’re important to the organization and their contributions matter can help improve employee retention and productivity. Thankful leaders inspire commitment in their employees.

What is “The Gratitude Leader Lab” training?

Based on Leading with Gratitude by New York Times bestselling authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton,The Gratitude Leader Lab will teach you eight easy ways to recognize value being produced in your team and how to show your employees they’re respected and appreciated.

The eight ways to show gratitude to your employees will be taught in this extensive day-long training. They include:

  1. Solicit and Act on Input
  2. Assume Positive Intent
  3. Walk in Employees’ Shoes
  4. Look for Small Wins
  5. Give Appreciation Now & Often
  6. Tailor Gratitude to the Individual
  7. Reinforce Core Values
  8. Make Recognition Peer-to-Peer

Who is the training for?

Designed for supervisors, managers, and executives of all levels who want to be more credible, inspire excellent work, and engage the hearts and minds of their people.

On-Site Training

To meet your unique needs, IES offers on-site, tailored training programs. By hosting a training specific to your organization, we can tailor the timing and content of the workshop to support key business drivers and initiatives. On-site training increases accessibility to allow more of your staff to participate. In addition, the training is delivered just-in-time; when you and your team are ready!

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