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Radiation Safety

The negative health effects of long-term radiation exposure have been widely known. Radiation can cause damage to your DNA and cells which could result in deterministic and stochastic health effects. Fortunately, OSHA maintains a Radiation Safety webpage. The webpage contains need-to-know information regarding working with or in close proximity to radiation, from health risks, safety standards and control and prevention. 


Understanding OSHA Inspections 

OSHA’s purpose as an organization is to keep workers safe and ensure the environment they work in is also safe. To enforce regulations and make certain that rules are followed, OSHA holds inspections. Well-trained industrial hygienists and safety professionals come in to evaluate and inspect facilities and their workplace practices. OSHA provides a fact sheet on it’s inspections. There’s also a video that covers the overall concept of OSHA inspections.


Protecting Workers’ Hearing

Have you ever had ringing in your ears after working near loud machinery? What about a stuffed up feeling? Working in close proximity to loud machinery can have short-term and long-term hearing loss effects. Hearing loss that can’t be treated with surgery or a hearing aid. OSHA maintains an Occupational Noise Exposure webpage to help protect the hearing of workers. The page includes information on occupational noise exposure standards; health effects, exposure & controls, hearing conservation program, hearing loss in construction and additional resources. 


Revisions to OSHA’s Beryllium Standards

Beryllium is a lightweight metal that is commonly used in the aerospace, electronics, energy, telecommunication, medical and defense industries. Exposure to beryllium can cause chronic beryllium disease (CBD) and/or lung cancer. OSHA has made revisions to its beryllium standards. The new proposal is set to protect shipyard and construction workers from beryllium exposure. 


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