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While I’m not certain what a spring chicken is, it seems I am not one anymore. In fact, I recently read an article and discovered I am technically considered a member of the “older worker” demographic. I suppose that explains the constant barrage of AARP mailings and questions from well-meaning cashiers who think I might qualify for their “Senior Citizen Discount.”

This same article featured data that suggested a correlation between a worker’s age and their risk of fatal injury. I admit I raised an eyebrow. It didn’t seem possible that the older we get, the more likely we could die from a work-related accident. However, I did some research of my own and discovered data from the 2017 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries indicating that workers aged 55 and over account for 23% of America’s workforce, and this same age group represents more than 37% of work-related fatalities. That’s a senior citizen deal I am not interested in!

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Holli Singleton

Holli SingletonHolli Singleton is the Assistant Director of Safety & Health Services at NC State Industry Expansion Solutions. In addition to managing the services offered by the Safety and Health Specialists, she develops and presents workplace safety and health education courses, conducts work site assessments and provides occupational safety and environmental assistance to employers throughout the southeastern region of the United States.