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Cleanliness is often synonymous with safety. Clutter-free work areas allow you and your team to focus on the tasks at hand with the ability to move freely without fear of injury or incident. Maintaining clean and organized work conditions may also save your organization time on projects, resulting in a faster completion rate. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we’ll give you some tips on how to keep your worksite clean. 

Pick up after yourself. If you’re done using a certain tool or material, take the time to put it back where it belongs. Not only is it an OSHA housekeeping standard, but on-site cleanliness can decrease the number of wasted materials and result in saving your organization money. 

To avoid mixing waste with useful materials, have separated and labeled containers for waste. Mixing up a box of clean rags with a box of oily rags could contaminate the bunch. You want to keep waste that easily catches fire (paper, scrap wood, rags, cardboard, etc.) in a waste container away from fire hazards. 

At the beginning and end of every workday, check floors and surfaces to ensure everything is put away and where it needs to be. Starting the workday out with a clean space can reduce stress and anxiety. It also increases productivity and workplace satisfaction.

A clean and organized site not only promotes safety, but looks professional and enhances the overall company image. Messy worksites may cause potential clients to question the quality of the work and damage your reputation. Get more tips about how to keep your work site clean and safe. Happy spring cleaning, y’all! 


Shelby Kimes is a Marketing Content Writer in the marketing department for NC State Industrial Expansion Solutions. She writes marketing content for various IES and media platforms to communicate the services and values of IES. She also writes the marketing material needed to alert existing and/or potential clients of any updates within IES. She previously interned with the marketing department at Greenville Parks and Recreation in North Carolina. Shelby graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s in Sports Studies and a Minor in Marketing/Business Administration.